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    Alike instead of like


    I've only just resumed my relationship with Access after a nearly 10 year break. With older versions of Access (2003 and earlier) the 'like' reserved word was used in SQL to find anything that contained what you placed after the 'like' term. Therefore for example if the query contained:
    Like *"fred*"
    all records that contained fred such as alfred or fred or frederick would be returned.

    However, I've just loaded Access 2007 on my system and when I use the reserved word 'like' in this, it automatically changes the 'like' to 'Alike' and then promptly doesn't return anything. The only time it does is when I have the string identical to the data in the field. eg. Alike "Frederick" or Alike "Alfred" etc. It's even case sensitive which is easily overcome but from memory didn't use to be though I stand to be corrected on that, it is 10 years after all.

    I've had a look at the Options but couldn't find anything there to help.

    Any clues on what is going on?

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