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    What can change a service's startup type???

    For about a year, my Print Spooler service fails to start at boot because its "startup type" is "manual." No matter how many times I change it to "automatic," it's always reset to "manual" after powering down and starting the computer the next time.

    There is nothing wrong with the Spooler service itself. Once it's started, it will run forever, even if the computer's running for a week without rebooting.

    I've scanned the computer for malware with NAV and Malware Bytes multiple times.

    I've scoured the Event Viewer for some clue as to what is resetting the service's startup type, but that's revealed nothing to me.

    No other services are affected.

    Multiple Google searches have turned up hundreds of problems with the Spooler service but NONE concering the service's startup type.

    Does anyone have a clue about this weird phenomenon?

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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    A quick guess: a faulty Windows Update or printer install would be the first things I'd want to rule out - it could be very difficult after this length of time though. If the installer file(s) were faulty, they're frequently used as the basis for the uninstall process, so the uninstall may be faulty too.

    Check that it isn't some 'nanny' software (points at Norton) silently blocking the change, you'll need to completely uninstall it to test (special tool needed to remove it fully:

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    Can you start the spooler manually? Does it stay running?
    Do you have an unusual printer installed? It may be using it's own spooler.

    cheers, Paul

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