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    Windows update confusion

    I use Win 7 Home & Premium on an HP/Compaq small business PC with 2GB RAM, Norton IS, Malwarebytes, as an individual. I'm a life member of WS and follow Patch Watch rigorously with a great deal of frustration. After I install whatever updates are approved, I am shown numerous updates I cannot find listed on the most current rollup that are 'missing' from my PC. Secunia also nags me about the same updates.
    I also cannot find updates on my offerings that Susan says to install (I do know to ignore Win 8 and server updates that do not apply). The rollup in numerical order is a blessing.
    I've attached a snip from WU showing their offerings to me, some of which go back more than a year(the .NET updates to ignore for now are highlighted in yellow...). I have impaired vision so there may be some things I miss, but I try to keep up and am losing my mind over this.
    Thank you for any help you can provide.
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    Patch Watch only deals with Security Updates. Those can be found by searching the newsletter archives by number (without the KB, as Susan inserts a space).

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    BTINAZ, my philosophy is that if you regularly backup your system, you can go ahead and install all of the updates. You will probably never have a problem as a result, and if you do, you can uninstall whatever updates you have installed during the time you have the problem.

    Worst case, you can always restore the latest good backup.

    As far as not being able to find updates that Susan lists, you probably don't need them. But you can always track them down by searching for the KB numbers at, and then manually install them from there.

    The only "important" updates I avoid are things like updates to Internet Explorer which will put me at a newer version than I want. For example, if I had IE 9 and I was offered an update that would put me at IE 10, I would skip it till I was ready to upgrade to IE 10.

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