My current task has me thrust into the world of Visio: I found it frustrating the first time or six I used it, but I have to. Please forgive newbie errors.

I need to embed in a Word document a hyperlink to a Visio document on a Sharepoint server. That isn't the problem: I can link to the document correctly, and even (thanks to some help from a co-worker) link to a specific page. (It's a two-step process as I learned it, but it can be done.)

But can I link to a particular layer? The diagram is big and ugly and complicated, and I don't have permission to touch it. But I can look at it, and the information I want is on only one of the layers. It would be a great convenience if I could specify a layer in the link, rather than linking to the page and saying, "Hey, look at this layer."

However, I don't know if that's even possible; certainly web searches haven't shown me how.

Can you link to a specific layer without having write access to the file?

I'm using Word 2010 and Visio 2010 on a Windows 7 box but the drawing was probably made with Visio 2003, and it currently lives on a Sharepoint folder. I can look but I can't change--I can probably get write permission if necessary, but it's a hassle.