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    Compatibility issues with bookmarks in office 2003/2007


    Does anyone know if there are issues with Bookmarks which have been created in Office 2003 and then the document being opened in Office 2007. We have had the issue that when the document is returned to us having been opened in 2007, amended and then saved, most bookmarks are showing "Error! Bookmark not defined!".

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    There isn't any known incompatibility of that type.

    First understand that the error message is displayed by a field that refers to the bookmark, not by the bookmark itself. If you right-click the message and choose Toggle Field Codes, you should see the field markers (like bold brackets { }) with the bookmark name inside, possibly with some other information. If you then go to the Insert > Bookmark dialog, is that bookmark name present in the list? If it isn't there, then the bookmark was probably deleted accidentally by the Word 2007 user during the editing process.

    It's very easy for someone to delete a bookmark without even realising it was there, by either deleting or overwriting the text that's bookmarked. It could help if the Word 2007 user (preferably all users) routinely set the option to display bookmarks, but that isn't something you can force others to do.

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