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    Access Database can only be used by one user

    Hi all,

    I have a simple access database which is used by 3 people but it can only be used by one person, when the second person tries to log in the database does not open. What can I do to rectify this problem?


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    The normal process is to split the database (utility provided in Access) into Front End (FE) with the code/user interface and Back End (BE) with just the data tables. Each user then gets their own copy of the FE and the BE goes somewhere that all can access it. Of course you have to setup record/DB level record locking to keep multiple users from stepping on each other but it works just fine when everything is in place.

    Here's one helpful thread on another forum. You can google "MS Access Multiple Users" w/o the quotes for more information. HTH
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    Typically, if nothing like what RG describes is done, a database is locked when one person opens it, so that there aren't multiple people simultaneously making changes and saving those changes. Things quickly get out of control in that type of situation.

    In addition to database locking, there is also record locking, which means that the part of the database that you are editing is locked, allowing only you to edit it, until you finish, at which time it is unlocked. Record locking allows multiple people to all work simultaneously on the same database, but on different parts of it.

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    If would be helpful to know what version of Access you are working with. If it is 2007 or 2010, your users may be opening the database in "Exclusive" mode which blocks other users. Also if any user opens a form, report, macro or module in design view in all versions since 2000, then the database is locked. And that is a primary reason for giving each user a Front End as RG suggests. But in normal mode, Access is multi-user, and we have cases where several hundred are connected to the same Access back end database, and they all happily work together - until they try to modify the same record. But that doesn't appear to be your problem.

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