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    Imported Fields into Word Document

    I am working with a CRM package that allows for exporting fields into a MS Word Document. What I am dealing with is I am trying to send customized letters to our clients that appear professional with their names, addresses, ect.. The database's characters are all capitalized, thus when they are imported to the document they are in UPPER CASE format.
    Is there anyway to set the document up to automatically correct the case?
    I would appreciate any help that is out there. I have tried to set it up to do so with no luck. My only other option is to have a filter written for us and I hope we don't have to go that far.
    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Re: Imported Fields into Word Document

    Hi mrtjan:

    Display your field codes by pressing Alt+F9.

    Add the following switch:
    * caps to capitalize each word.
    * firstcap to capitalize the first word only
    * lower for, yes, lowercase

    Hope this helps.

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