Hi folks,

Please read this carefully as this isn't the usual "Word forgets the location of the list" question and I might not explain this as well as you experts probably could, but I'm giving it a shot.

I have Word documents that I use to draw details from Access queries and tables to send out as email merge documents. It works fine and my documents always do remember the queries I embed with them. No problem there.

But I very frequently take existing Word docs, modify them slightly, then link them to a new query in that same database, and send them out as new email merges. How can I get Word/document to remember the location of the database where the first query came from to make it easier? On my old laptop the actual database itself used to be at the top of the "file name" list under the "New Source..." so all I had to do was click that, let it drop the old query, select the new query, and off I'd go. Now all that drop-down box remembers is .docs, not the database, forcing me to go through "new source>ODBC DSN>MS Access Database" and then navigate on the network to the location of my database.

When I make a connection a "save data connection file and finish" dialog box pops up but I'm not sure how to best use that. I suspect my answer lies there, although I haven't got it to work in remembering the actual Access database on this new computer.

Using Office Pro Plus 2010 on Win7.

Any thoughts?