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    It's been a busy week for this old tech. Calls are coming in from many of my customers, who use GMail, that they have received an email from GMail (Google) telling them that their email address may have been hacked.

    I've worked with these customers, likewise with my own GMail accounts, to change the account passwords to a much stronger password, of 10 to 12 characters, including both letters and numbers.

    But why so many? Well, I'm working on a hypothesis concerning that.
    GMail (Google) acquires a lot of information from its clients. One piece of info may well be the ISP you're getting your service from. If the Service Provider changes something in their Servers, so that it looks like a different server, then it looks to Google like you're accessing your email from a different location. This could be a hacker and triggers an "Is this you?" query.

    If this is indeed what's happening, then it must be happening at a pretty high level, since at least three of these customers are on totally different ISP's, even in different towns, but still here in Central Florida.

    I'm wondering now, if anyone else has recently had such a warning email from GMail. ???
    If so.....what did you do about it?

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    Wow! this thread goes back a ways. I've never had to mess with this scenario since I've never used Gmail. A friend of mine just bought a windows 8 machine and wants to sync it with her Gmail, Contacts, and calendar. I've seen the suggestions of using POP instead of IMAP, but that leads me to the question as to whether or not those are going to sync. I know I had my msn address on POP, and when my Blackberry got the email first, it never showed up in Outlook and vice versus.
    switched to IMAP and all is well. And the answer is?
    Contact, I was thinking of just doing an import of a csv file, but that won't sync.
    Calendar is another story...Damn why does this appear to be confusing, or ,................................

    Thanks John
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