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    transferring email from Outlook to

    A few months ago, I read a piece in Windows Secret by Woody Leonhard about transitioning from Outlook to Google mail. I thought about it, but decided to stay with my Outlook program, since I had a comfort level with it.


    I was just informed this morning that my Internet service provider (ISP) was in the process of terminating their support of all of their customer's accounts that were Outlook-identified, due, they said, to the fact that Outlook is an obsolete program (read: crappy, I surmised).
    This may not happen for a short while (a week or two, I guess), but the writing is on the wall for me: I will need to set up an alternate email account.

    I already have a couple of Yahoo email accounts, as well as a Gmail account - - but my question is this:

    As I recall from the Woody article, I would basically be continuing to keep my Outlook account, the only difference is that the incoming email would just be redirected to the new Google account.
    Is my understanding correct? Is incoming email to my ISP server redirected OR is the incoming email copied from the server after the server receives it?

    Would appreciate input from any of you who understand this process better than me (probably a large number of you).

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    Double post.

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