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    Can you use a Drop down list in a mail merge?

    I have been tasked to create mail merge letters to inform children which education centre they have been allocated. I have created the mail merge from however the mail merge source fields which come from a (Access) database output to a csv file does not contain The (40) education centre addresses which can differ depending where a family lives. In creating the mail merge I want the users who produce the mail merge letters to be able to select the specific education address from a drop down list (so there is no room for error and be more efficient than having to have them use a Fill-in to type the seperate education addresses for all the letters they would have to send out.

    1-Is it possible to do this in Word mail merge?
    Please could we avoid VBA as I am not a programmer or have any access to a programmer just a normal fairly moderate user of Word, so please be gentle with me.

    2-I am currectly using Word 2010 but the mail merge letters were produced in Word 97-2003 so the letters I am doing are being saved in compatability mode with .doc extension which I have to stay with.

    I did try to add a drop down box from the Legacy form control tools (under the developer tab) but after I did this I was not able to have access to protect the document and test it, so in essence it failed.

    Could someone talk me through how this could be acheivable please?

    Kindest Regards Mariejoe

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    Can you explain your workflow? Normally the decisions such as which address to use would be made in the data source not manually chosen for each letter after the merge has happened.

    In the access data source which contains the list of families and their details, there should be a column where you record which of the 40 education centres is relevant. If the addresses of these education centres is also in the same table then the merge is simple and direct. If those addresses are in a separate source table then you will need to create a query in Access that merges this data together. You can then do the merge to that query directly or save the query output to CSV.

    I would have thought that the place for the dropdown list is in your Access data entry form NOT in Word.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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