Problem 1: When I boot up Windows XP it boots very quickly about 15 seconds. However I can't use any programs or even the mouse until about two minutes. I have Zone Alarm Pro installed and run DSL using PPoE, Office 200 Premium, Norton 2002 Pro, and Easy CD creator Platium 5.02b with the XP updated driver. If I try to do any thing before the two minute period XP locks the mouse up, but after a few minutes all is back to normal.

Why the long wait before I can use the system?

Problem 2: I have about 40 CDRW disk written on an old Window 98SE CD with Roxio Easy CD 5.02b using direct CD (Yamaha 20 x 10 x40). Some CD's work fine in XP, others cause XP to just lock up and I have to actually power off, because XP cannot recover. This happens if I try to read in the DVD drive or the CD-RW drive. When I try the CD's in the Old PC everything works fine.

Any suggestions?

Here is my hardware profile.

Thanks in advance.

Athlon 1900+
1 Gig of PC2100 RAM
60GB IBM ATA/100 7200 RPM HD
Leadtek GF Ti 500 video card with 64MB of memory
AMD761 GA-7DX Rev 4.3 Mother Board
Plextor 24 x 10x 40 CDRW
Toshiba 16X DVD
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Sound Card
Windows XP Professional
NTFS formatted
3Com modem
Linksys 10/100 NIC card