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    Where are the Eudora Mailboxes?

    I've been using Eudora forever, still haven't seen anything better. I am using Win 7 SP1, Eudora works just fine except for the dictionary, can't add anything to it. That's no big deal, but just out of curiosity I went looking for the file. I couldn't find it. It's got to be there somewhere because typos are still underlined. And while I was rooting about I realized that the various .mbx and .toc files are no longer in Eudora\Data\. So since I was rooting around I went looking for those too. I searched for *.mbx. Up came In, Out, Junk & Trash.mbx, all in Eudora\Data\. I did a search for Bill.mbx, and Bill.toc, nothing came up. But again the files have to be somewhere because I can still use the mailboxes.

    I found this in a file:
    "With Eudora 5.x under Windows 2000 or Windows XP, the default location to install the application is still under Program Files, but the data files are kept in a User’s Application Data folder (typically
    "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data", where <username> is the User’s login name)."

    So this is an ancient file, like me, but there are no Eudora files at all as far as I can see under Application Data or its sub-folders. And as I understand it the search feature of Win 7 should find it wherever it's been stored.

    Any suggestions?

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    Try Everything search. ( It finds a lot more items than Windows search and is quicker.


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    I'm using Eudora 6.2, with all mailboxes in the same directory. In the Eudora program directory (Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora) there is a data file, deudora.ini. The first entries in this plaintext file contain a pointer to the data directory:
    Perhaps Eudora allows more than one DataFolder pointer?

    Your mailbox files haven't been marked as hidden for some reason, have they? Have you set Windows to find and display hidden files and directories?

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