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    Sending photos via Windows Live Mail

    When I attach a photo to a Windows Live Mail message, and after sending it "view it as a slide show", a temporary file always appears in the recycle bin. Is it safe to delete that temporary file?

    Also, if I subsequently forward the message to another contact the photo is not attached. Do I have to reattach it, or am I missing something?

    Advice would be appreciated.

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    I use WLM for sending photos on a regular basis, but I have never had a temporary file deposited in the recycle bin as a result.

    Avoid using the file attach (paperclip) when sending photos, use either the send "single photo", or "photo album".
    I've never had a problem with using the "single photo" method. You can size it on screen and that's the size that gets sent
    unless you specifically select maximum size or actual size.
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    All email attachments have to be encoded as text which can add 33 1/3 % to the attachment size. If you send large attachments, upload and send a link instead of attaching.
    When you click on an attachment in an email program, the attachment is decoded to temporary Internet files. This is the normal activity.

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    Hi Roy,

    If I'm sending a photo, I add it to the main body of the message if it's small enough.
    If sending large multiple photos, I put them in a folder, and use 7Zip then add it to my mail.
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