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    WP8 cannot manage fixed memory?

    The reviewer of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey running Windows Phone 8 (see the attached PDF file) finds that deleting Apps does not free memory & fixed memory cannot be freed except by resetting the phone!

    I expect this is a phone problem and not a WP8 problem.

    Have the WP8-using forum readers seen this on their phones?

    Windows Phone 8, No Memory Management Q.pdf - (please ignore the font-conversion problem in the headings)

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    I had never worried about it, but I just went to check with my Nokia Lumia 620. I checked the storage space taken by an app I hardly used, was taking 20 MB. I removed the app and the used memory decreased by 20 MB. Seems your reviewer is not correct.

    I also never saw anyone complaining about this. There was an issue related to memory, the "other storage" issue, for which Nokia has already provided a fix and that is supposed to be fixed for all Windows Phones in WP8 GRD2, expected to come out in August.

    I don't see a reason why anyone would buy a Windows Phone from Samsung. Their commitment to the platform is almost non existent and Nokia offers the best software package, attached to the best hardware offerings, as well, IMHO.

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    Same here I just checked on my HTC 8X and the space appeared to be released.

    Have you gotten the new Bing search update yet... Pretty nice, at least I like it

    Thanks John
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