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    How to change/find Windows log-in

    I am using Win 7, SP1, on a Sony Viao with finger-print reader which until today has worked flawlessly. Today when I booted up the reader rejected my finger swipes, too short, not straight, tried all 8 fingers that I'd registered, it remained unimpressed. So I resorted to entering the password, something I haven't done in years. The password was rejected! Even though I haven't used it in a long time I know what the password is, or should be I thought maybe it was a typo, tried again. No joy. I re-booted and ran into the same problem. Having exhausted my ideas I'd started looking for the original installation disk, but then tried just one more re-boot. Is that a sign of madness? This time the finger-print reader worked and I was able to log-in. So now I have the machine running, and I'm not about to switch off, but how can I check exactly what Windows thinks the password should be? I have tried CTRL+ALT+DELETE, that gets me to the Change Password option, but Windows still insists that I have got it wrong.

    I feel sure this is easily done now that I am logged-in, but how?


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    There are several programs that will allow you to reset your Windows password. See:


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