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    Google Apps Synch does not work with Outlook 2013

    I recently bought a retail version of Office 2013 for a new PC. The site that hosts my IMAP email account requires synching my PC's Outlook 2013 with Google Apps Synch.

    Now I've discovered that Google Apps Synch does NOT work with Outlook 2013 Click2Run retail products. Apparently works with volume MSI product and Office 365 but not Office 2013 retail.

    Google is stating that they have no plans to fix this bug and Microsoft is ignorning it. Here is what they posted on their product forum:

    It’s currently not possible for our sync tool, which is installed as an Outlook addin, to work with Click-to-Run Outlook. Outlook simply doesn’t allow it at this time. With the arrival of Office 2013, Microsoft appears to have pushed the expansion of Click-to-Run versions of it’s software. We have no control over Microsoft’s decision to do so. Given the architecture of Outlook’s Click-to-Run version it has and, most likely, will never allow for our Google Apps Sync addin to function.

    The MSI version of Outlook 2013 does support the latest version of the Google Apps Sync tool. If you currently have the Click-to-Run version of Outlook, please consult with Microsoft or whoever you purchased the software from to purchase the MSI version.

    Does anyone have any workarounds or other suggestions? I suspect more and more people will start complaining as they slowly move to Outlook 2013.


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    I also checked in pcworld article that Google Sync doesn't work properly with Outlook 2013 but in the article, that is some Workarounds available. Please check it from here:

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