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    Giving external HD a permanent Drive Letter

    Just purchased a new MY Passport external HD and I have three
    computers I will use it on. If I set it up on one with a permanent
    drive letter do I need to do same on each computer? This drive
    will mainly used for image backups so I won't to be able to boot
    from it if needed and be able to find proper images for correct
    computer. Any info would be appreciated.


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    You would have to assign the same isolated drive letter with the same drive on each system. For scheduled image backup that is fine. Is this for the built in Microsoft image software or third party software? In recovery situations the recovery software will probably assign a different letter to the drive anyway; just have to search a little bit to find the right drive if there's a bunch of them.

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    I would avoid assigning a drive letter to an external drive for the purpose you are using it for.
    It's unnecessary, and you should never have a problem searching for an image, provided the image is
    named correctly.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaj430 View Post
    I have three
    computers I will use it on. If I set it up on one with a permanent
    drive letter do I need to do same on each computer?

    Hello... Depending on whats installed on each PC hardware wise this would change the drive letter as you "swapped" the HD from PC to PC.. Ex: if you have card readers , more than one CD\DVD RW , etc. You can assign a letter "Way down" the list that the PC's have to choose from...Like "X:" ... Just make sure that you give a unique name to the drive ,along with the letter... EX: Jerrys Backup X: I would make a folder for each PC to store the backup Images...PC1, PC2, PC3, etc. Otherwise it's going to be difficult to keep them from being confused...this should work ... As pointed out the backup program will see the drive and assign a different letter (probably) but the name will stick... Regards Fred

    PS: Make sure that you give comments to the "Images" along with where you put them.
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