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    Reinstalling Windows 7 from HDD

    My laptop is now approaching 4 years old. It has done well, but is now starting to get bogged down.
    It came with Windows 7 professional on the HDD, but no separate installation disks.
    Needless to say, over the years many, many Windows updates have been downloaded and installed.

    I have also, through the years, installed and uninstalled a fair amount of programs, which means my registry is also a bit of a mess. One of the bggest mistakes I made was in thinking that I would not want to install multiple versions of MS Office, so I did not install Office 2010 into its own custom directory, but just into the default directory. I have now tried installing Office 2013 into its own directory, but Windows routinely gets confused as to which application should be associated with files, etc.

    So my thinking is that I need to start over. Clean the drive and reinstall the programs I really want, in the order that I want them.
    My main problem is this: How do I clean the HD without nixing my Windows 7 installation files, and how do I reinstall from the HDD?
    Also, how do I avoid losing all those updates, since it would be simply impossible to try to re-download four years' worth of Windows updates?


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    You can download an installation disk image: Iso images for win 7 with SP1 from official Microsoft downloads

    Starting from SP1 which is 2.5 years old, I think re-downloading the remaining Windows updates would be far from impossible.


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    After you burn the above ISO file to DVD, you can use this DVD to boot to for installation. I would back up any data, then during the installation, format the partition. Choose Custom Installation, then on the next screen, choose Advanced (Disk) Options. Highlight the partition in question, then Format. Once the Format is complete the installation will proceed.
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