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    Windows Vista Home crashes

    I have Windows Vista Home on my computer.It recently has been locking up when I turn it on and sometimes several times making it practically useless to me.I was wondering if there were someplace that I could send a copy of my log files to and they might somehow figure out where my problem is.My hard drive I am planning on it quitting altogether as I've had problems with it for some time,but being a terminal heart patient it takes some time for me to save enough to be able to replace it as well as change to Windows 7.Anything you can do to help me ,I will thank you in advance.

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    Without knowing more about exactly when it locks up, things you might try are to scan the system with Malware Bytes even if using some other security software, maybe that will find something. Another thing is type MSCONFIG into a run window and OK, then go to the startup tab and disable everything and restart, maybe stay off the internet if you disabled the security startups also. If it works ok for a while, enable half of them or even determine by description and location if you need to enable them again, and reboot. If the problem comes back, it's one of those startup items. If not disable that half and enable the other half and repeat. Keep eliminating until you find the culprit.

    If it's locking up before you even get to Windows then it is probably a hardware problem, power supply is getting weak, sectors on the drive are difficult to read, something like that. Hopefully you have a backup of the data on the system in case it gets worse and doesn't even boot.

    Also if it is a recent problem as you indicate and is a problem with Windows, you can try a system restore point that is older than the point at which you think the problem first developed. That won't fix the problem if it's hardware-related but may if it has anything to do with a bad registry setting.

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    You might also try a clean boot:


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    Quote Originally Posted by redeye683 View Post
    I have Windows Vista Home on my computer.My hard drive I am planning on it quitting altogether as I've had problems with it for some time Anything you can do to help me

    Hello... You can try a few things... but in trouble shooting to start simple first

    1. Down load and install this free trial software it will tell you the state of your Hard Drive HdSentinel

    2. Next is check for power supply voltages ...a free program called hwmonitor It's the 1.23 free version

    3. Next check your system files for corruption ..From an elevated "Command Prompt " ( right click and run as Administrator ) input the command (no quotes and space after sfc) "sfc /scannow" Regards Fred
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    I’ll share with you some techniques that might help you solve this issue. Uninstall recently installed Windows updates through Control Panel window. Clean boot your machine to identify and repair problems pertaining with failed startups. Download crash-fix and check if your problem still persists.
    Disable Non-Microsoft Startup Items:
    1. Click Start, select All Programs | Accessories | Run.
    2. Type “MSCONFIG” (without quotes).
    3. Click OK button.
    4. Under General tab uncheck “Load startup items” checkbox.
    5. Click Apply | OK.
    6. Reboot your machine.

    Optimize Disk:
    1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.
    2. Select all disk drives for defragmentation.
    3. Click Defragment Drives button.
    4. The process may take a few hours depending upon the actual fragmentation.

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