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    Web Mail Server / Appliance

    I am tired of my email/calendar being hosted/hijacked/updated/downgraded by Yahoo, Google.

    Isn't there a WEBMAIL/Calendar server or appliance I can buy and ship off to my web host provider and just have the host plug it in?

    Or, alternatively, isn't there a webmail/calendar application provider who will install/setup webmail on a server at my web host provider?

    (FWIW Squirrel Mail is too limited and slow for my use...unless something has changed the past couple of years)


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    There are a stack of email servers available, some free, most paid. The major issue is finding a host who will allow you to run your own software, particularly mail and it's associated vulnerabilities. This part will not be cheap and it would be as easy to run the server software on your own PC.

    I have spent years running corporate mail servers and I don't think it's worth running your own server because it really is a full time job. I use a commercial provider for my personal mail and that allows me to have multiple addresses for all the things I need, without the hassle of maintaining the server.

    cheers, Paul

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