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    Windows Live Mail 2011 and Microsoft Account

    I have 9 computers (numerous desktops and several laptops, all running Windows 7). I have windows live mail on 5 of the computers; no email on the other systems dedicated to specific software tasks such as remote control flight simulators, photo editing and movie development, etc.

    I created a Microsoft Account, based on the minimal marketing info provided by Microsoft. Searching for a Windows Live Mail 2011 user guide has not been successful. I do not have the same email contacts on any of the computers.

    Microsoft Account replaced all my dedicated email contacts on the 5 computers in my Home Group. I also use Windows Home Server for backup, but am unable to re-install dedicated contacts from backups. There appears to be no way to create separate email contact lists in WLM.

    Is there a way to get rid of Microsoft Account without losing all my contacts or recover the contacts that Microsoft Account has deleted? I have not been able to remove Microsoft Account from the computer it was first installed on. If I do not sign in to Microsft Account I am denied access to my email contacts on that one computer. Can anyone shed some light on Microsoft's scheme and how to deal with these issues?
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    Setting WLM to "Stop signing in" at Options, Mail, Connection and restarting WLM solved the issue for a few people:

    Contacts completely missing after Windows Live Mail Update (last three posts)


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    Hi Steve,

    Go to 'Programs and Features' & click the link bottom right as in my image.

    Click image to enlarge it.
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