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    Address Book

    I received a forwarded email from a friend that only has my primary email address. I received multiple copies of his forwarded email into all of my (6) email accounts and he told me that all of my account names now appear in his address book. My address book has nothing new in it. He said that only my email addresses appear and not any of the others in my address book for other people. Any idea what happened or if I should be concerned? Thanks.

    My ISP is AT&T. I use as my primary email address. My friend had received in his address book not only my addresses, but also my hotmail address. I received an email back from him that went into all my accounts.
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    Too little information!

    You didn't say who your email provider is, like Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc., or your ISP.
    Or, what email program you use on your own computer.

    In any case, the first thing to do any time there is an email Glitch, is to change your password.
    This should be done periodically anyway. Always use a STRONG password, of at least 10 to 12 characters, including both letters and numbers.

    And for goodness sake....always write down all your passwords in a secure location.

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