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    Firefox - End Key goes to end of line instead of end of page.

    I am experiencing a strange problem with my Firefox browser. When viewing a web page when I click on text on the screen a blinking narrow cursor appears where I have clicked. If I strike the End key, the cursor moves to the end of the current line instead of the the end of the current page (almost like I was in an editor). If I strike the Home key, the cursor moves to the beginning of the current line instead of the the beginning (top) of the current page. This does not occur when I'm using IE or Chrome. I'm running WIN 7 as my OS.

    This happens only after I have clicked somewhere on the screen. When I first navigate to the web page, the Home and End keys function as expected.

    Any suggestions?

    Found the problem. In the options section, under Accessibility on the General tab, option "Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages" was enabled. I disabled this option and all is well. I was recently playing around with voice recognition and possibly that option was turned on when I enabled voice recognition in WIN 7.
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