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    Conditinal Sum Wizard (97)

    I'm trying to sum conditional values using the Conditional Sum Wizard.
    1. Are there limits to the number of conditions you can have?
    2. Here's what I'm after:
    -Columns are Discharge Age, Total Account Balance & IP_OP
    -The conditions are:
    a. If IP_OP =IP
    b. If Discharge Age >0<31
    c. If Total Account Balance ,0>(25)

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Conditinal Sum Wizard (97)

    Yes, there can only be one condition. To use multiple conditions, you will need to use an array formula. If Discharge Age is in A1:A50, Total Account Balance is in B1:B50, and IP_OP is in C1:C50, and what you want to sum is Total Account Balance, then the following array formula should do it:

    <pre>=SUM((A1:A50>0)*(A1:A50<31)*(B1:B50>25)*(C1:C 50="IP")*B1:B50)

    Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys when you enter that formula to make it an array formula.
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