I have a MS Project 2010 Pro project that I want to export to Excel 2010 Pro, but would like to retain the "formatting" of the project plan. So all task indents, etc. I tried exporting the project with and without maps, but cannot seem to export to Excel without all tasks treated as the same level regardless of their actual level numbers. I realize that Excel will not work the same as Project and that some of the look and feel will be different, but I didn't expect a flat list of tasks and loss of anything to indicate summary info.

Searching the net turned up some clever Excel formatting trick to simulate this formatting, but I was hoping for something native. I also tried Office 2013 and Project 2013, same results.

Anyone know of some way to get Project to export while retaining formatting? I can use a PDF export for read-only needs, but also need an editable version for others to make changes to, hence the desire to retain formatting. If another app, like Word, can work better than I will consider that as well.

Thanks for the always great help from fellow "Lizards".