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    Word FORMTEXT Field Shading

    We have a lot of templates which were originally created in Word 2003/XP. Depending on who created the templates, some Formtext fields are gray shaded, others display as 5 circles, and others display the Default text, which may be shaded if selected.

    Is there a way in Word 2010 to change all the Formtext fields to always be shaded? I have tried selecting the entire document or individual fields and changing the File, Options, Advanced, Field shading to Always.

    Anyone know how to make this change?

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    First the five circles mean that there is no default text, the field is empty.

    My preference for general field shading is to have it shaded when selected.

    The method [File > Options > Advanced > Field shading Always] applies to other (non-form) fields. This is an application-wide setting, not for individual documents.

    Form field shading is by document and is controlled by a button on the Forms toolbar. This toolbar is not displayed in Word 2010 but is a part of the Developer Tab. You need to drop the legacy tools down and click on the box with the a in it. In Word 2010, it is next to the eraser. This can be added to the regular ribbon (along with the lock/unlock button) with Greg Maxey's Add-In.

    Making Forms with Microsoft Word - primarily good for the links
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