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    Pc will not power on

    I have two home built pcs that both will not power on. They both have worked for a least 3 years until now. Both exhibit the same symptoms---both will not turn back on. I swapped out the power supplies and they both will turn on for one second and then immediately cut off. I have a biostar motherboard in one and I do not remember the other MB. I tried a 2 different power supplies in these PCs. Could it be both boards are bad?

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    It would have to be an event (most likely power-related) that affected both systems at the same time but then, yes that could be the case. Do you know if the replacement PSs were toasted or are they still ok? If they are ok you can try an outlet on a different circuit if they were on the same one, or on the same power strip or are both on a UPS. Otherwise you'll probably have to start pulling peripherals and internal cables until you're down to bare bones, see if you can find some other reason for not starting.
    If the replacement PSs went to god right away, then it has been my experience that the motherboard is the grim reaper though I have never had it happen to two systems like that so maybe there is another explanation in your case.

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    I had the same symptons a while back and it turned out to be a bad video card....
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    What [exactly] does the computer do when you turn it on.

    Do you hear case and CPU fans turning?
    Do you hear beeping coming from the case?
    Does anything come up on the screen?
    Do you smell something burnt?
    Does the motherboard/BIOS, or any lights come on?
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