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    Printers disappear in Win 7 Home Premium

    New to the Lounge, I bring this problem. One three Win 7 Home Premium machines, my printer disappeared and then could not be re-installed. This problem was all over the internet, all kinds of computers matched with all kind of printers. Microsoft will not own the problem, nor will HP. Need a solution.

    This problem seems not to occur with Win 7 Professional.

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    Hi - we have had this issue with 7 Pro; I believe this fixed it:
    Start, Print Management
    Custom filters, all printers, delete all of the printers that are causing you an issue (may have to kill any pending print jobs first)
    Print server, drill down to drivers, delete any of the related drivers
    If you get a message that you cannot delete the driver, go to manage, services, stop the print spooler, then start it again

    Last resort is to search the registry and remove all references to that printer. Good luck

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    As techdls said. I had the same issue years ago. Leaving just one remnant of the old printer will cause this. HP printers also have a "config" file which holds you personal settings; even leaving that causes issues. Make sure to get rid of ALL the printer remnants

    Once removed, reboot
    Clean your system with CCleaner

    Now install the new printer; should work. If not go back and clean it out again and look for anything that might have been missed.
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