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    Old game only runs in 32-bit Windows--what to do?

    I have an old game that I really like. When I had a 32-bit Win7 laptop and a 64-bit desktop, I simply switched to playing it on the laptop. Now I have a newer 64-bit Win7 laptop and a small hard drive (size and capacity) which is about 75% full. Is there a way to get the game running? There's no way to get a 64-bit version of the game, and I'm now on a fixed income, so the solution needs to be free or very cheap.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've heard of 'compatibility' proggys that allow you to run old programs on new systems. I've seen the button on some browsers. I'm sorry that I don't know the names right off the top of my head, but I'm sure that some of the bright folks here can name them for you. Good luck.

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    My usual solution to problems like this is to install a free virtual machine (I use VMware Player) and install the appropriate OS on that. I would guess it would be possible to install the 32 bit Win7 on this. Two possible challenges: first I'm not clear if you have enough free disk space for this. VMware is quite sparing but you would need sufficient for the bare OS. Second, I suspect you might have problems activating the 32 bit version while using the 64 bit version. I doubt if MS would like that. Alternative to assist with both challenges might be to install Win XP on the VM, if you can get hold of a copy cheaply (or maybe you have an old one lying about). You could set up the VM so that it doesn't access the web to avoid any security problems after the finish of support. And a bare bones Win XP takes up less space.

    That works well for me...


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    Do you still have the 32-bit Win7 laptop?
    --- Does it need fixing?
    --- If it does, it's probably the best solution to examine first especially if you need the internet

    The bare bones XP computer option sounds like a good option

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