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    Receiving email links.. (Outlook Express 6.0)

    Recently, upon receiving email that includes a web link, the link is broken up into 2 or 3 lines, with only the first line being underlined. When you click on the link, only the 1st line copies to the browser, therefore I always get the famous "page not found" screen. When I try to highlight and copy the link to my browser, it highlights the whole link, but only copies the 1st line! This results in having to copy 2 times, then paste into the browser. What a bummer! I never had this problem in the past, only recently. Can someone tell me what I can do about this? All other lines of messages are normal, across the page. It is only links that split up like this. THANKS!

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    Re: Receiving email links.. (Outlook Express 6.0)

    copying the whole line won't work because there is a line break and the address window only holds one line. i usually click on the first link and copy and past the second half at the end - however, some sites roll you to "page not found" and the first half of the link is gone. <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>

    For those, i hit reply, remove the carets, spaces and line breaks and copy and paste the link (or click if it was made clickable)

    if the message is sent as QP, the link will wrap and not break. also, if the link has a ?, it'll break at the ?. Other characters cause the same behavior - but the ? has gotten me three times already today. <g>

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    Re: Receiving email links.. (Outlook Express 6.0)

    You could copy and paste the lot (all lines) to a Word doc (for instance), sort it out so it's all in one line again with no spaces, then either click it (if it re-linked itself) or copy and paste it into the address field on your browser ...

    A bind, I know, but it only happens on really long addresses and at least you'll know you've got it all there in one line!
    Beryl M

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