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    Make copy windows D partiton of HP Pavilion 20

    I have a new Hp and the D partition has the operating system on it.
    I would like to make a copy of it in case the entire disk crashes.
    Doing a copy requires permission of the administrator, Which I am. I click continue, and it works till 99% copied then gets stuck with the boot manager and other associated stuff. It states several times that it can not continue and presents try again, skip or quit. Checking the DVD shows nothing on it.
    I can't get past this point. Does anyone know of instructions from HP on how to do this or has anyone done it.
    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jontx View Post
    I have a new Hp and the D partition has the operating system on it.
    I would like to make a copy of it in case the entire disk crashes.

    Hello... Personally i wouldn't "Fool" with any "Imaging Programs" from MS ... They are both "Clumsy and Clunky" when compared to the even "Free" 3rd party Imaging programs. I and many on this forum will recommend Macrium Reflect Free ( i would even go as far that you should purchase the "Pro" version) Imaging is the most important thing you can do, if you're at all serious about protecting your PC. Make sure you burn a recovery disk , and backup the Partition\s that you want ... Just do it to a Flash Drive or another External HD \ or 2nd Internal HD. DVD backups are not worth the trouble... Regards Fred

    PS: If you do a Lounge search on Macrium Reflect can find many threads
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    I agree with Fred. Imaging is the appropriate way to backup the entire system. Personally I use Acronis True Image 2013 and have never been let down.

    An Image will back up everything on your HD including multiple partitions. When restoring you can restore one partition or all partitions.

    Why is the OS on the D partition? Does HP have something (possibly a recovery partition) on the C Drive?
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    Normally, it's the Recovery partition, NOT the OS partition.

    It's only there in case you want to return your PC to factory condition.
    Don't delete it. Don't try to move it. In general, Don't Futz with it.

    The best course of action is to connect a second hard drive to your PC and CLONE your original drive to the second drive. Then if your main drive crashes, you'll have a working backup.

    I do that on my own computer. Just did a fresh Clone today.

    Good Luck!
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