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    Outlook 2010: Custom dropdowns/buttons to add specific text

    Hi all

    A complicated one me thinks. Basically we have to send the same template over and over each day. The main things we have to do in the body of the email is change the location to one of 6 places and add a date, usually todays. This is done with hitting reply and using a signature currently. Everyone in the email trail will need to see the response.

    For example:


    Your request to enter the London centre on the 22/08/2013 has been approved.

    The bold above, can drop down menus be made in the email itself, so I can chose from one of the locations, have a calender day picker of sorts for the date and even have a drop down for the approved to change it to rejected (which would include more text to explain the rejection, we have a standard reply for rejections).

    Obviously the sent email will have the raw data, the client would only receive London and 22/08/2013 and not a drop down menu. Just raw text.

    Can this be done? Or have I asked the impossible?

    If it cannot be done, I guess the only other option would be to use custom forms and have buttons on the forms to add these snippets of text. But I have no idea how the script will look.

    So for example, there would be a drop down menu on the form of 5 locations, which when picked would add the location in bold at the cursor. Same goes for the date and approved/rejection.

    Any ideas on this?

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    You could possibly use Quick Parts for the locations; probably not for dates. But you can insert today's date with Alt-N, D, Enter.

    There's an example of a custom form to insert a date from a button here: How to Insert the Date and Time into an Outlook Item

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