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    Lose WiFi connection to internet

    I am running windows 8 connected by ethernet to a Cisco E3200 wireless router to a cable modem and the internet.
    Normally I show as active network my router name and private. All household wireless PCs and devices work.
    Randomly my active network changes to "Network 2" and the wifi devices cannot get to the internet. I can still
    access the internet via my ethernet connected PC but cannot access my router. Through trial and error I have
    found that uninstalling my Realtek network adapter, powering down the PC, and unpluging the router and modem
    resets everything to a working condition on reboot. I am current on Windows, device drivers, and firmware.

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    You should try one variable at a time, maybe find out exactly what is the problem. As is from this post it could be the adapter or it could be the router. Sounds more likely to be the router though as you lose wireless and cannot access the router over wired at the same time right? Is one bandwidth frequency disabled or are you using both? Earlier versions of this line of routers were notorious for malfunctioning (WPS was broken regardless of being disabled or not) but I don't know if that was ever remedied or not. I would set a static I.P. for the Ethernet connected one and the next time it happens, do not reset the adapter, just the router, or vice versa; it would be quite a coincidence if both were malfunctioning always at the same time.
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    Cisco E3200 is a dual band router. Seems there might be change in band and your wifi devices fail to connect to the second frequency. Ethernet connection doesn't care the change in wireless band and you will have the connection without any issues.
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