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    Windows Defender Offline has been Updated

    I've posted this same information as a reply in another thread, but I want to give this its own thread.

    Windows Defender Offline has been updated, and evidently the protocols used have been as well. I have an older version 4.0.1114.0 which will no longer update. It's a Windows 7 WinPE based WDO. The version to which I've linked is, which is a Windows 8 WinPE. My older version will no longer update the definitions.

    I've burned the new one to CD. If you have Ethernet broadband, a CD WDO will connect and update the AV definitions; I don't know about wireless, I haven't tried it. I know that MS says a USB can be used to update the definitions, but a CD can do that as well through Ethernet. I just tried it for my own confirmation.

    Bear in mind that once booted, the PC is using WinPE in a RAM drive and not constrained by the CD. WDO connects and updates flawlessly, even though it's booted from a CD.
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    Thanks for the link! I just created a new USB Key on my Win 8 Pro UEFI/Secure Boot desktop and it booted and ran just fine.
    I've also booted my Win 7 BIOS laptop from the same key and it's working well also. Just thought y'all would like to know.
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