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    Excel and PDAs (Excel 2000)

    I need a bit of information. I intend to buy my wife a PDA for Christmas. She will be using the PDA for Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that will go back and forth from the PDA to our computer. Would she be better off with a PDA that has Windows as the OS or can she use a Palm? I was told that there is a program that allows one to use a Palm with Word and Excel. However, I need to know the pros and cons. I would appreciate any help and information.
    Thank you very much.
    Alan Silberlight

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    Re: Excel and PDAs (Excel 2000)

    Hello, Alan. First, don't be surprised if your post is migrated to the Palm/Unix OS Forum, and you should review that forum for discussions on Windows OS handhelds, as well as look at old issues of <A target="_blank" HREF=>Woody's Palm Watch</A> (now defunct, or at least on hiatus).

    Your wife doesn't need a windows OS machine just to run Word and Excel compatible apps, but I'm told Windows OS handhelds have some advantages in synchronizing with Windows products. I have a Palm M105. A cowoker recently asked me a similar question, so I put together some info for him as below, focusing on the Palm M100 series. I'm not a Palm expert by any means, your choices depend on what product and model you buy, and you should get other opinions. (I'm not endorsing any of these sites or vendors, rather, these are the ones I'm aware of that have a reasonable reputation.)

    palmboulevard << this is an all-around handheld news and products site

    ZDNet Palm << ZDNet Palm downloads
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>CNET Palm</A> <<CNet Palm downloads
    QuickOffice << QuickOffice is what I purchased from these guys for US$40. I'm happy with the product, though it has a few annoyances, and the spreadsheet documentation could be better.
    Dataviz << and these guys are reputed to make the BEST Palm software for sale at the HIGHEST prices!

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