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    Will this PC handle Windows 8 with a few upgrades?

    I have a PC with XP Home. Since MS will soon be discontinuing support for XP I'm looking at my options. This PC does everything we need instantaneously. It is primarily used for Quicken book keeping and the web surfing.

    The PC has:
    Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo ES8400 3.00 ghz CPU
    2 gig of RAM (8 max)

    So if I upgrade this to 8 gig of RAM will it comfortably support Windows 8 64-bit?

    I could also upgrade the CPU to a Core 2 Duo Extreme for a couple hundred dollars. However at that point I would probably just got to a new MB and an I5 processor.

    Thanks for the guidance.

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    Best to run the Microsoft upgrade assistant and see what's compatible and what isn't. Hardware-wise, what you've listed is plenty, no need to get all fancy at all there. You didn't mention graphics and there may be many programs that are not compatible or need to be updated/upgraded to work with 8. For instance my hardware was compatible but 9 out of 41 programs were not.
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    Did you actually try installing and running those programs? I ask, because the upgrade assistant flagged Office 2003, but it works fine (I think it was just one aspect of it which I never used - or even had heard of). My scanner was flagged but works fine as well, along with it's software, though I did reinstall it.

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    My guess is that if you upgrade to Windows 8-64, and upgrade your memory to 8 GB, you'll be fine.

    A couple of things:

    * You didn't mention anything about your hard drive. I assume you have sufficient free space on it. 100 GB of free space should be enough. But what would be a better option, in my opinion, is to get a new hard drive for Windows 8. Temporarily remove your current hard drive, and connect the new drive. Install Windows 8 clean on the new hard drive. Then reconnect the old hard drive, and use it as your 2nd hard drive. Or, copy all of the data from the old drive to the new, and then remove the old drive. By doing this, you'll eliminate the chance of something getting overwritten when you install Windows 8, and you'll be adding a lot of time before a hard drive failure would likely occur. Also, if things don't work out for you with Windows 8, you can easily revert back to XP simply by swapping hard drives.

    * Windows 8, out-of-the-box, is very different than what you are used to. I recommend that you get one of the start buttons / start menus that many of us use. I use Start Is Back; with that installed, I love Windows 8. Before I installed it, I hated Windows 8. But in all honesty, some people love the new look-and-feel of Windows 8; they prefer it to the old way of doing things. You'll have to try Windows 8 and see what works best for you.

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    Check out the Sticky threads for many tips and customizations that might help. As Jim states there is significant differences out of the box that can be overcome with one specific type app, a Start Menu replacement.

    It does appear your setup will handle 64 Bit.
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