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    Windows ignores wireless mouse

    This has been a sporadic problem since I started using the current computer (a laptop provided by my employer). When I bring it home and try to use it with my Logitech Bluetooth mouse it usually works, but sometimes (like today) it doesn't.

    I've tried turning the mouse off and back on, pressing its Reset button, and rebooting. I've rummaged through Control Panel looking for something to fiddle with, but I couldn't find anything. The Bluetooth status dialog reports that the mouse is connected and working fine... even though at the moment it's turned off.

    I had one partial success when I deleted the mouse, then asked the Bluetooth dialog to discover and reinstall it. After that it nworked -- for a few seconds. Then I closed the computer's clamshell, which was open to give me access to the touchpad, and found that the mouse was out of action again. Then Windows displayed a status balloon to tell me that it had discovered a Bluetooth device and was installing it. The balloon went away and the mouse was still dead.

    My company's tech support people can't help. They tell me to bring the computer and mouse to them when I'm back in the office, but by then the problem has invariably gone away. Can anyone suggest something that might fix the problem, or at least tell me what is wrong?
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    Some things to check:
    1. Mouse battery
    2. Make sure the Bluetooth service is running. Change it to automatic rather than manual.
    3. Check for a newer driver.

    Good luck.


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    One of the suggestions I have found which apparently can fix this problem is to uninstall the Logitech software, reboot the machine, and then reinstall the software.

    Here are other people's experiences with this mouse:

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    I've been using a logitech mouse for several years now, however it's not the bluetooth version, but the usb version with the tiny little plug that sits in the usb port. The batteries last for at least 6-8 months before running down and telling me on-screen that I need to replace them. I never turn it off so that's a pretty good battery life. Don't think that I'd trade for the bluetooth version, it seems to have a lot of issues.

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