The following story tells about my installs and uninstalls related to Office aps under Windows XP. After doing the upgrade from Office 2000 to Office XP, one of the symptoms is that some web links from Help & Support work all of the time, and other links work none of the time. In the later case, Help & Support says I must be connected to the internet (which I am) and when I click "connect," it gives me off-line options (and from some of these I CAN connect to the web).

To make a very long story short: I installed Windows XP on a clean (totally wiped and reformated) drive. I then installed Office 2000 Professional. Things seemed to be working. A day or so later the Office XP Standard that I had ordered arrived. I upgraded. I had difficulty getting Outlook XP to find the cable service mail -- finally had to set up Outlook Express and then bring that profile into Outlook. Still problems, then, with Windows XP Help & Support -- cannot get to some sites (XP tells me that I need to be connected to the internet, and I am already (and always) connected through a cable modem.

I used the system uninstall to remove Office 2000 and Office XP, and then reinstalled Office XP. There was no observable change in operation (and PowerPoint still does not seem to be registered, although I have been using it). I suspect that I need to do a complete removal of all traces of Office and then reinstall Office XP. The articles in the KB pertain to other situations, e.g., removal of Office 2000 from Windows 2000, and removal of trial versions of Office XP.

How do I completely remove Office, considering that I had installed two versions and had done the standard program uninstall on both? Will the Erase utility that is mentioned in the KB work with Windows XP? Any other clues as to what is happening? I ran the XP System File Checker, which did not find any errors. Is there any other restore or error-finding tool that might help?