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    I'm not really sure where to put this so if you monitors feel it is the wrong forum, please move.
    this is really more of a rant than anything else about MSFT and their XPS.

    Now the main part of this rant is this. MSFT along with everyone (Apple and those other guys) is trying to create a complete ecosystem. To their credit they are still maturing but as we all know things move slowly at Microsoft. But PLEASE! how can a company have a format (XPS) that they developed, and after 2 years, not have it readable on their own phones, especially when all documents in SkyDrive show up and are supposed to accessible on mobile devices.

    I will first admit that I am still learning all the new things there are to learn in Windows 8.1 RT. This has to do with "Export" . The other day I needed to print a document, and when I tapped on "Print" I was given the choice of printing it to either OneNote, or to XPS Document Writer. Given the choices I chose XPS Document Writer. I then printed the document and then saved it to SkyDrive. I was able to download it both on my RT, and my Win 7 laptop. Next I tried to view the XPS document on my Windows 8 Phone. Not a chance in #$%. As I mentioned earlier, after fiddling around I found "Export" Now to me, export would mean to export the document say to SkyDrive, or somewhere else. Their terminology means export to "Create PDF/XPS Document" or "Change file type"
    Sheeeesh! confusing to me at least!

    Thanks John
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    Since I don't have a Windows phone, this is only a suggestion:
    Drag the xps file into an open Internet Explorer window and see if it opens.

    IE works that way on my desktop Win 7. May not on a Windows Phone, though.

    Dragging an xps file into Adobe Acrobat will also open it. You might try that with Adobe Reader if you have it on your phone and see what happens. Good luck if you still have the patience to 'fool' with it.....

    For different reasons, I quit using xps. The files are twice as large as their pdf counterpart and editing xps is not supported by MS. Editors do exist, however.

    I used to print to my hard drive using Paperport 8. But it's print driver won't instal on Windows since Vista and the .max format abandoned, so I gave MS xps a try. So now I have 10+ years of Paperport .max files that are no longer supported by Nuance ( Paperport ) and won't open in newer PP versions. But I can convert them to a pdf file, though with either Acrobat or Bullzip.

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