Running windows 8 / Office Pro Plus 14.0 32bit / all updates applied / no virus - malware

Created a custom contact form in Outlook 2010 made 2 - 3 changes to it, republished it but now outlook keeps reverting to an older version as I try to add a new contact. I am publishing it in the public file folder of outlook and have published it under a different name to the outlook folder it is to be used in.

The problem occurs when adding a "new" contact. From somewhere it pulls an old version of the form, even as I have deleted that version. If I save that new contact, once opened it displays the same contact on the new form. Even the fields seem to be right.

I have deleted reference to the old version both in the app user data and in the options/manage custom forms, cleared the cache several times, renamed the new form and republished, changed, in the folder of outlook to use the new custom form, cleaned the registry, did search for any reference to the old form, did a msgclass change updating all contacts to new form.

The only thing I see is that in design mode, under the field chooser, I can still see reference to an older form, some old fields and some of those were used maybe renamed. Does in old form "live" out there somewhere to keep reference to old custom fields?

I have searched and searched everywhere for any solution or even some similar type of Outlook problem in ANY version but other than "one off" form that does not seem quite to be it cannot find a fix.

Thanks to anyone who helps me solve my mystery!