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    Is there a Free Form ActiveX shape for Excel 2010 VBA?

    I made this workbook with an ActiveX image of a map on one sheet and information about points on the map on another sheet. I have that information pop up when I move my mouse to those points on the map. I've done that by overlaying other ActiveX images on top of the map and using the mousemove event of those images to pop up a modeless userform which I hide using the mousemove event of the map when I move the cursor off the point of interest. It all works great except I don't want the images that cause the pop ups to block the map so I made them transparent. The trouble is, the shape of the images (a simple box or rectangle) doesn't match the shape of the thing on the map. So the pop up sometimes appears when I don't expect it or doesn't appear when I do!
    Is there any way to change the shape of an ActiveX control (I used "Image" but I guess I could use any ActiveX control) so I can make it match the shape I'm trying to get the pop for?
    Any suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks for reading this far.
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