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    Thumbs down Lounge Lizards beware!!! Firefox doesn't work with eBay

    Hi All,

    I hope I'm in the right category, if not could one of the moderators move it.

    I'm a subscriber to Windows Secrets and thought this post could help contribute as a warning to those who, like me, may have had a negative experience with ebay because of some technology glitch in ebay's systems that does not faithfully render auction details.

    You can read about the situation here, as I posted in a forum called Red Flag Deals (a consumer form in Canada):

    What's interesting however, is that once this post garnered some traction and one member suggested I reach out to other tech blogs (like I'm doing here as a Windows Secrets subscriber) ebay contacted me saying they are going to review my situation.

    I think ebay knows they have a problem.

    Anyhow, if you've got the time, read the linked post and please respond if you've experienced a similar issue with viewing auctions.

    Take care

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    I've edited your thread's title. It is inflammatory at best and possibly defamatory. That is especially so given this in a cited ebay response:
    We definitely don’t want members to think that we don’t care
    FWIW, it is not unreasonable for any company receiving an isolated claim of a defect in their website from someone who hasn't provided substantial details as probably being from someone whose own system is defective. Even reports from a few users doesn't change that.

    I monitor numerous forums/boards and I often see people complaining that MS Office/Windows has faults that, at the end of the day, come down to installation/configuration errors and/or user error. One persistent example has been the failure of Adobe Acrobat to faithfully display fine autoshape lines & borders in PDFs produced by Word, yet the same PDFs print correctly from Acrobat and other PDF viewers. Some people complaining about this get quite heated about a supposed defect in MS Office, refusing to accept that the problem is in Acrobat - a point easily demonstrated by changing Acrobat's zoom.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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