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    Writing to cells in Excel 2003


    I have an Excel 2003 Workbook that contains some 3500 inventory items listed on sheet2 under the column headings "Part Number", "Description", "Alternate Part Number(s)" "Location" and "Qty."
    Sheet1 of the workbook will search the "Part Number" and "Alternate Part Number" columns of sheet2 for the part number entered in cell B4 and display (on row 7) all the pertinent info from sheet2 for that part number. I'm using COUNTIF and MATCH functions to accomplish this and it works fine. Also note that cell H1 displays the row number (in this instance row 3) where the part number exists on sheet two.

    Now I would like to be able to make corrections to the columns in sheet1, row 7 and have that information written to the appropriate cell in sheet2.
    As an example: If I were to change the location in cell F7 of sheet1, cell F3 of sheet2 would also be updated with that change.

    Can this be done with functions as I'm not very fluent with VBA.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    It would be far more helpful if you uploaded your workbook rather than PDF's.
    I would question why you do this on 2 separate sheets?
    If you created an are at the top of your sheet 2 to enter the Part Number required, you could then use either Autofilter or Advanced Filter to display that part only.
    Then any amendment you make will be saved against the one and only entry of that part.
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    I think you need to create a form. Without VB you can use Excel's Built-in Forms:
    Goto a record in Sheet2
    Data - form
    The data will be shown in "Form view"
    [Criteria] button gives an empty form, and you can add search and then Find...

    It is not customizable, but there is a FREE addin from John Walkenbach at that may be useful as well.


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