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    Linking Word & Excel Windows 7

    I currently operate under Windows XP and have multiple links between my Word and Excel files. I have to upgrade to Windows 7. When the .doc and .xls files are converted to .docm and .xlsm, respectively, the links no longer work. The Word document is still attempting to point back to the old .xls file rather than the new file.

    Also, creating new links between Word and Excel within Office 2010 doesn't seem to work. I create the new link, switch it from "Auto" to "Manual" and everything works fine. But when I copy the files to another folder, the Word document is still trying to link to the file in the previous folder rather than the new folder. This always worked in Windows XP.

    Has anyone experienced these problems? If so, how did you get around it?
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    Word does not work well with relative file paths.
    See macropod's article on how to handle this:
    Word Fields and Relative Paths to External Files
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