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    need help updating vista manually from an outside computer

    hi and pleased to meet you
    i want to understand how to update my computers windows vista 64 bit

    i have a flash drive and computer internet access at the library

    my attempt to use the windows catalog ended because i would have to install it
    at the library and well i was not able to it would not install
    my attempt to use wsus failed because it didnt work and i dont know why

    is this even possible what would any of you suggest
    i would like to be able to update my home computer manually offline
    at a remote computer such as my public library
    even if i had to ask for library permission to have hel with administration issues
    any ideas would be welcome

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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    The only way you can manually update your offline home computer is to get a list of needed updates, and then go to another computer and download and save them onto a removable medium, such as a flash drive.

    You should download the "fullfile" updates from Microsoft, because as the name suggests, each one is a complete update; you don't need anything else if you have "fullfile" updates.

    If it is possible to put your computer on line temporarily, it will be a lot easier to update it, because everything will be automatic; the list of needed updates will be generated for you, rather than your having to figure out which updates are needed; and all will be automatically installed, rather than your having to manually download and save them to a flashdrive.

    However, if your computer is offline, you don't need to worry about updating it.
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    thanks for your reply
    your suggestion to download the fullfile was helpful
    i do have a flashdrive

    the reason i need updats is because a lot od our software programs wont work without them
    we may go online to get them but id still like to be successful at downloading offline

    i had trouble with windows catalog which wants to be installed .... thats not okay
    to do on a public computer

    the wsus application is meant for manual downloading but i ran into problems with it as well

    im going to try again by looking at lists on microsoft update files

    our computer os hewlitt packard and comes with its own software making conflicts
    of its own

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