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    Server 2008 (not R2) to Server 2012 migration help?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a home LDAP setup playing with various windows server versions so that I can learn them and aid my understanding of Administrative duties.

    That said, I have server 2008 running on a custom built server. I want to move this to a Dell 2850 I picked up, and seem to be hitting brick walls.

    Typically when I clone a drive, I hook the two drives to a computer, and use some cloning software.

    The image is about 60GB; I have an external USB hard drive that I cloned my server 2008 (via windows server backup software) to, but when I booted from the server 2008 disk on new server, I said restore, but its not finding the image.

    At any rate, I want to somehow migrate my active directory, DNS, and other roles from my current running server 2008 server to a server running server 2012. I am hitting brick walls when trying to make sense out of how to do this and can't find the right article on the internet.

    Can anyone help push me in the right direction please?

    Thank you

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    This is not a trivial task, as you have discovered and cloning servers has never worked AFAIAA, unless the server hardware is identical.
    Personally I'd build the server 2012 as a new domain and then perform a domain migration. This will require new passwords for your users, but everything else should be OK.

    If the new box has plenty of RAM and disk I'd load VMware et al and then you can have multiple servers on the one box - plus clone-able servers. The VMware images are also transferable to another box running VMware.

    cheers, Paul

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