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    Crashed-HD XP-multiboot problem solved

    I had a Maxtor 40Gb ATAPI IDE HDD from 2002 that was the main O/S loader for my self-built Gigabyte 8VM800M-775 MOBO system that'd started out with 98SE, and when I got XP, I put that on a new SATA drive. Then, when I got 7, I used EASUS to resize partitions on the SATA and created a new one for it, plus had two separate ones for data as well I'd moved there from the 98SE install, so the O/S \BOOT folder, with its bootmgr and XP's NTLDR, was on that IDE, with XP on the SATA's third, and 7 on its fourth partition. When I got an Intel SSD, I cloned those SATA partitions to it and kept the originals as backups, just in case... All was working fine and fast on the SSD for a long time, except the IDE started getting S.M.A.R.T. errors, so I backed up its partitions to the SATA just before it finally died, so then the system wouldn't boot Windows at all, of course.

    I was out of SATA ports and didn't want to modify my low-level hardware setup any more, nor go through the nightmare of changing MOBOs, reinstalling, and losing/reinstating customizations, so found another, identical ATAPI/IDE HDD and installed that at the same bay/port, then moved the backed-up \BOOT onto its identically-sized O/S-load partition, and 7 started fine as before both from the SATA and the SSD, but the boot menu didn't show the XP installation at all, anymore!

    I monkeyed with startup repair, XP's Setup DVD's fixboot, BOOT.INI and other things, but couldn't get it back, nor did searches find a solution until, finally, a paper at MS Support (Article ID: 919529) answered the issue with a manual reinstatement procedure: The {NTLDR} object in 7's BCD was missing, had somehow been lost. Using BCDEDIT from command-prompt only, I recreated it, pointed it to the drive and path where NTLDR resided, gave it an entry in the boot menu, and now I'm back to my former screwy environment.

    Maybe this will help someone else that has a similar problem, so they don't have to go through hours of struggling like I did.
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