A (cheap) camera I’ve just bought uses 3GPP audio/visual which my Windows Media Player (Win 7 v12) states it cannot play.

I put 3GPP into the search engine and have gone from page to page looking for advice and the appropriate codec (or a file converter); but in truth I’m none the wiser.

Eventually found the advice to install the “Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack”. I downloaded it only to get a perceived security threat warning message from “Windows Essentials”: so have not run it.

Which begs the question is this Windows Essentials Codec Pack a genuine Windows program and this warning a bog standard default warning from the Windows Essentials Program, or a chunk of malware??

I am strictly a user, so I wend my way through this stuff hoping not to get tripped up; but at this point I am stuffed as to which way to go.