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    Office 2001 for Mac OS X (2001 for OS9)

    Does anyone out there <img src=/S/duck.gif border=0 alt=duck width=23 height=23> have any experience with the new office for Mac 10.1? I would like to upgrade but since it would be at a fairly significant cost (CHF590 or US$370 vs the US$280 price in the states) I would love to hear some unbiased opinions first. - on the software, not the platform!
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    Re: Office 2001 for Mac OS X (2001 for OS9)

    I'm not sure which version you are really asking about. Office v.X is for MAC OS X and only Mac OS X. Office 2001 is for MAC OS 9 and only MAC OS 9 (it will not run on X except through Classic). In the states the updgrade is $150 from Office 2001 to Office v. X and available only on the Microsoft website.

    Office 2001 is very similar to Office 2000 with the exception that it is more "Mac-like". I use both often. The file format is the same and you can exchange documents between the two (if you remember to add the file extensions.

    Office v X has the aqua interface, but very few new features over Office 2001. Is it worth upgrading from Office 2001 to Office v. X? In my opinion, it depends on how much time you spend in OS X. For the new features alone, it is an expensive upgrade. But if you normally boot into OS X and spend most of your time there, it is probably well worth the upgrade. Word and Excel seem very stable to me. Don't use powerpoint much. Don't use Entourage for mail, but the contact list and calendar seem to work okay (Others have complained a lot about this application). You might want to browse MacFixit's Office v. X forum for other opinions/problems.

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